We are trusted in assessing comply standard requirements, especially for Quality Management System ISO 9001, for Environment Management System ISO 14001, Food Safety Management System for ISO 22000 and for Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001 : 2018.
Today, we certify organizations to recognized standards like ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) and provide associated training. Outside of ISO standards, we design and manage bespoke assessment schemes. Such schemes are based on the establishment of standards, which can be developed to be recognized company-wide, industry-wide, nationally or internationally.



Become a trusted certification body, objective, independent and professional


With commitment and responsibility we always strive to :
Improve the qualifications and competences of employees continuously
Be a partner that give priority value-added and mutual benefit to our customers
Identify risk factors that might have possibility inflicting loss to both sides
Give priority to cooperation by adhering laws, regulations and code of conduct
Certification gives benefits to organizations because it helps them to establish standards and improve their performance. It promotes consistency and continuous improvement, and can help organizations gain external finance, qualify for tenders and sets them apart from their competitors.
We hope our website will be helpful for you and will give us an opportunity to cooperate in the near future.

What we do ?

Why Choose QM Certification?

We Use a Fair Approach

Our Policy is to provide exceptional levels of customer service that combined with common sense interpretations of the Standards you wish to achieve. Based on our extensive background within the quality industry we have developed a “thorough but fair” assessment approach to the certification process. This approach, welcomed by our clients, has developed a good Improvement Partnership and earned Alliance International an enviable reputation within our industry.

Our Ethos

Our aim is to be recognized as a Certification Body that focus on customer. We are pride to ourselves on our responsiveness, friendly and pragmatic approach.

Fixed Fee price

ISO certification doesn’t mean complicated. Our simple quotations mean you don’t have to be worried about hidden ‘travel’ or ‘membership’ fee.
Our primary business goal is to be recognized as the most customer focused Certification Body in our industry. To back this up, we assign the professional and qualified auditor to help our client achieve their goals with continual improvement.
Our performance is overseen by an independent Impartiality Committee and we conform to the international standard ISO 17021. We also have been a recognized Investor in People with the width range experience.